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Highmaul Raid

Highmaul Raid Overview via WoWHeadEncounters:NOTE: All videos are Heroic. Fight mechanics will be very similar between Normal and Heroic. Mythic is where the fights change.Kargath BladefistThe ButcherBrackensporeTectusTwin OgronKo'raghImperator Ma...
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6.0 Warlords of Draenorâ„¢ Pre-Beta Patch

Beta Patch Notes: Check for Updates!Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tides -- released October 14, 2014WOD Expansion: Coming Soon ... November 13, 2014
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5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar

VideoPTR Patch NotesRaid Preview
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Mists of Pandaria

BONUS MaterialGame GuideWikipediaCinematic Trailer luck leveling everyone and have fun!!!P.S. Where in the World is Ptaahkxaudonkadonk!?!?!
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4.3 Boss Guides

Morchok Zon'ozz'sahj the Unsleepinghttp://www.mmo-cha...
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We're going to start up Naxx10 tomorrow night. There is always some drama that accompanies 10-man raiding in a larger guild, however if we all behave and play nice, everyone will get a shot. Don't forget that the 10-mans are going to be run alongs...
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4.2 boss guides

Patch 4.2 wikiShannox Video Strategy Guide (25 Normal) this will be the first encounter'tilac Video Strategy Guide (10 Normal)
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Heroic mode: ACTIVATED

PROGRESSION VIDEOS by TankspotThrone of Four Winds [Uldum][HEROIC] Conclave of WindAl'AkirThe Bastion of Twilight [Twilight Highlands][HEROIC] Halfus Wyrmbreaker[HEROIC] Valiona and TheralionBlackwing Descent [Searing Gorge][HEROIC] Magmaw[HEROIC]...
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10m Raid Progression [HEROIC]

PROGRESSION VIDEOS by TankspotThrone of Four Winds [Uldum][HEROIC] Conclave of WindAl'AkirThe Bastion of Twilight [Twilight Highlands][HEROIC] Halfus Tankspot VideoBlackwing Descent [Searing Gorge][HEROIC] Magmaw[HEROIC] Omnitron Defense SystemNef...
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10m Raid Progression

PROGRESSION VIDEOS by TankspotThrone of Four Winds [Uldum]Conclave of WindAl'AkirThe Bastion of Twilight [Twilight Highlands]Halfus Tankspot VideoValiona/Theralion Tankspot VideoTwilight Ascendant CouncilCho' gallBlackwing Descent [Searing Gorge]M...
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Silas Megatron Fowler

Grats Fuast! + =
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Raiding's Fun When We Get Shit Done.

Icecrown Citadel - The Plague Stuff Place of Evil - Progression VideosPutricide - Cleared (10m)Blood Queen Lanathel - Cleared (10m)Valithria Dreamwalker - Cleared (10m)Sindragosa
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First Onyxia Kill video!Onyxia Level 80Know this fight.Anub'arak (Hard Mode)NEXT UP - HARDMODES GALOREZZXZXProgression Order (roughly, may change based on our performance):Coliseum:BeastsJaraxxusUlduar:Lose Your Illusion (Thorim)I Choose You, Stee...
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3D Sartharion Dead - Ledge Boss Dead - GAME OVER

we are officially out of raid content now.
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Naxx is done, do your research for Malygos for Tuesday's raid.
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Hopefully starting 25-mans on Sunday night @ 7:30. Otherwise we'll aim for Tuesday. If it's still not possible by then, we will be running 2 Naxx10 groups next week, one lead by Fantab and Sevenout, and one lead by me.We will create rosters to ens...
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